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Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions for Code of Arms

Last Updated: January 11, 2024

1. Introduction
- Welcome to Code of Arms & the NIL .
- By accessing our services, you agree to these terms and conditions.

2. Services Offered
- Decentralized identity registration.
- Marketing tools for registered identities.
- Merchandizing tools.
- Identity theft protection.

3. Membership and Access
- Users must register and pay subscription fees to access premium services.
- Membership is personal and non-transferable.

4. Decentralized Identity Registration
- Users can create and manage a decentralized digital identity.
- We ensure the privacy and security of identity data.

5. Marketing Tools
- Tools provided for promoting your registered identity.
- Compliance with marketing laws and regulations is the responsibility of the user.

6. Merchandising Tools
- Tools for the creation and sale of merchandise related to the user’s identity.
- Users are responsible for the legality and rights related to their merchandise.

7. Identity Theft Protection
- Services to protect against and respond to identity theft.
- Disclaimer on the limits of protection services.

8. User Obligations
- Compliance with laws and regulations.
- Accurate and lawful information provision.
- Respect for intellectual property rights.

9. Payments and Fees
- Details on subscription fees, payment methods, and renewal policies.

10. Cancellation and Refunds
- Procedure for membership cancellation and eligibility for refunds.

11. Privacy Policy
- Statement on data collection, usage, and protection.
- Compliance with data protection regulations.

12. Liability and Indemnification
- Limitations of the portal's liability.
- Indemnification by users for breaches and misuse.

13. Modifications to Terms and Services
- The right to modify terms and services with notice.

14. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
- Jurisdiction and applicable law.
- Arbitration agreement for disputes.

15. Contact Information
- How to contact us for support or questions.

16. Acknowledgment and Agreement
- Acknowledgment of understanding and agreement to these terms.
I attest that the above information is true and correct.




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